Locals say that the sculpture has become a major attraction for scuba divers. This is the “Virgen del Caracol” an underwater sculptural representation that was has been visited by more than five thousand tourist since it opened in Playa del Carmen, about seven months ago. This has been confirmed by local guides and tourism promoters.

Therefore it has become a new attraction for visitors from Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya environment. Locals and foreigners fans like scuba diving in the warm Caribbean waters to closely observe this unique monument. According to a local dive instructor where is located the Virgen del Caracol in Playa del Carmen, all can dive even beginners, since there is no power and little depth. Any vacationer can see this monument, even with just a snorkel.
The underwater sculpture is about 500 meters from the shore at a depth of about four meters.

Over the months, the Virgen del Caracol has been covered in seaweed and fish community angels usually hang around this sculpture. In addition to its base they can be observed crabs, shrimps, fishes and starfish.

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