Playa del Carmen is one of those areas of the Caribbean which you  should visit as part of a holiday, because it has a lot of activities for the whole family. Scuba divers can meet the Great Mayan Reef, which is located parallel to the Quintana Roo coast and 300 meters from the sea shore. According to its size it is considered the second largest of the world.

Begins at Cape Catoche and continues through Belize and Guatemala. At the height of Playa del Carmen reef structures are located just 100 meters from the shore. It is a factor that favors a gentle swell and defines an enchanting landscape. Playa del Carmen is definitely one of the best places on earth for diving. In addition, the place has  everything you need to practice.

Exploring the reefs of Playa del Carmen for diving gives us the opportunity to explore the second of the world largest barrier reef, just behind that is the one that is in Australia, between dive sites and interesting reefs that exist in Playa del Carmen, please refer to the following: Chun-Zumbul, Gardens, Tarpon, Barracuda, Moc-che, Mama Viña, Shark Point, Turtle, Brains, Los Arcos and Green Wall.

At every opportunity you have to visit this Caribbean destination we suggest you go to these excellent points for diving. Nothing better than to stay in Hostel MX Playa del Carmen, for the quality of its facilities and unbeatable prices. Check it out and enjoy.